North Point - maxiMall, Hong Kong Island

Unit No. 47A & 59, 1/F 233 Electric Road, North Point

An up-and-coming mixed-income residential zone in Hong Kong, Freshlane’s North Point location is one of the best strategic locations to be situated in if you want to stamp your authority in the food delivery industry.

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A collection of restaurants in the heart of North Point

With plenty of residents and office workers located nearby, food businesses will be kept busy with a consistent stream of online orders.


Many Online Orders

See sales soar with a vast number of orders being placed at all times of the day


Many Residents

Expect plenty of orders from a customer base hungry to try new dishes and cuisines


Lower competition

Up and coming buzz area with low restaurant selection in the area


Mix income earners

Get bang for your buck as you serve customers that have high purchasing power

/ Location

Unit No. 47A & 59, 1/F 233 Electric Road, North Point

CloudKitchen® Delivery Kitchens at Freshlane’s North Point facility have access to over 200,000 residents within the area, along with a much more sizable customer base in the surrounding and nearby neighbourhoods.

>3busy residential districts

around the facility


within the area

3rdhighest medium income

in Hong Kong

  • Reach out to high income earners living in the area
  • 207,703 residents in the area
  • 11% of Hong Kong's entire food delivery volume comes from Wan Chai
  • Plenty transport options within a walking distance

Kitchen types


Large kitchen

~230 sq ft

Kickstart your growth into a new market from our largest kitchen spaces and allow customers to get a taste of the appetising dishes you are serving up.

Suitable cuisine


Chinese food


Western Fast food


Asian Food


Standard kitchen

~130 sq ft

Mid-sized CloudKitchen® Delivery Kitchens are best suited for businesses that have a successful concept but don’t want too much risk while they are still building up steam.

Suitable cuisine


Chinese Food


Asian Food


Western Food


Small kitchen

~100 sq ft

Ideal for brand new or small businesses that want to dip their toes in the market and see if their dishes will be a hit with the masses.

Suitable cuisine


Western Fast food




Asian Food

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