March 11, 2022

Top 10 Hong Kong Food Bloggers & Influencers Restaurants Should Work With!

Image via Instagram/@supertastermel

Hong Kong food bloggers can help to increase your restaurant’s digital presence and entice people to check out your restaurant!

Owning a cloud kitchen for food delivery is an exciting business venture. However, besides serving scrumptious food that people love, building brand awareness and attracting new customers are critical to your F&B business’ success. To increase your digital presence and effectively reach your target audience, we highly recommend you join forces with food bloggers and influencers in Hong Kong!

For brands looking to enhance their customer trust, drive conversions and numerous other benefits, collaborating with an influencer would be ideal. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 food bloggers and influencers in Hong Kong that you should work with.

1.Snappy HK176k
8.supertastermel 42.6k2.1k

1. Snappy HK

Image via Instagram/@snappy_hk

From recipes to food recommendations and reviews, Snappy HK has them all. Be sure to reach out to Snappy HK and Snappy HK’s massive follower base!

2. hk_datfoodlife

Image via Instagram/@hk_datfoodlife

If you are looking for an authentic Hong Kong food blogger, Joyce To is the one. She is a lawyer cum food blogger with a huge enthusiasm for food and the desire to photograph food at its finest.

3. foodandtravelhk

Image via Instagram/foodandtravelhk

The person behind Foodandtravelhk is none other than Gloria Chung, a food and travel journalist and food stylist based in Hong Kong. She started her career in printed magazines 10+ years ago and specialised in food and travel stories. Working in the media industry has developed her interest in photography and food styling. Check out @foodandtravelhk for beautiful food images!


Image via Instagram/@natfoodiary_

Jonathan and Natalie are the ones behind this food blog, and they are avid food and travel Instagrammers. Natfoodiary is one of Hong Kong’s most popular food blogs!

5. HKfoodtalk

Image via Instagram/@hkfoodtalk

HKfoodtalk is a Hong Kong food blogger that prides itself as a “foodaholic”, and it boasts more than 103k followers on Instagram. Be sure to collaborate with HKfoodtalk to boost your restaurant’s outreach.

6. BestFoodFeedHK

Image via Instagram/@bestfoodhongkong

BestFoodFeed is a community-powered platform helping people discover the best food in Hong Kong. Its current mission is to organise and support local food communities in the fight against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. A restaurant owner or food blogger? Contact them now!

7. Joeie_foodie

Image via Instagram/@joeie_foodie

Starting in 2018, joeie_foodie has gained a huge follower base on Instagram, with a whopping 273k followers. joeie_foodie’s posts are eye-catching and colourful, with beautiful and creative designs and collages.

8. Supertastermel

Image via Instagram/@supertastermel

Melissa prides herself as a “supertaster” who loves photography. She was also chosen as one of Hong Kong’s top digital voices by Hashtag Legend as the winner of the F&B category.

9. Agnes.the.foodie

Image via Instagram/@agnes.the.foodie

Agnes.the.foodie started in 2015 and has attracted more than 80k followers on Instagram. Besides posting mouth-watering food pictures, she also shares about travel and lifestyle.

10. Little Miss Foodie

Images via Instagram/ @littlemsfoodie

Started in 2014, Little Miss Foodie’s blog features honest reviews on good food and travel. Join forces with Little Miss Foodie to boost your digital presence!

Partner with the Best Food Bloggers and Influencers in Hong Kong

Working with the best Hong Kong food bloggers and influencers can be a game-changer for your ghost kitchen business. Not only can they help you reach a wider audience, but they can also boost your credibility, increase your conversions, and create loyal customers. But searching and collaborating with the right people is not easy. You must do your research, pitch to them effectively, and offer them value in exchange for their promotion.

Enter Freshlane, the ultimate platform that can help connect ghost kitchens in Hong Kong with top food bloggers and influencers in the area. We make it easy for you to find, contact, and work with the most relevant foodies in the city. Whether it be a product review, sponsored post, giveaway, or live event, we can help you make it happen so you simply focus on what you do best: cooking delicious food.

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