July 08, 2022

Top 5 Healthy Food Delivery Services in Hong Kong


The rise of food delivery is a key innovation of the F&B industry left behind by COVID-19. With food delivery still going strong in Hong Kong even with the relaxation of safe distancing measures, there have been further developments in this trend. The greatest of which is healthy food delivery, as the greater emphasis on caring for the environment has influenced many to opt for sustainable sources of food and even adopt meatless diets. However, vegan, vegetarian or keto diets (to name a few) are known to be expensive and even bland due to the limited dishes one can cook.

For those wanting to ease into their transition to a meatless diet or simply sick of all the junk food out there, we have compiled the 5 best healthy food delivery providers in Hong Kong for you to try out!

(Out of 5.0⭐)
Price Range
1Fitasty5.0⭐(50 reviews)HK$30 – HK$100/meal
2Nutriton Kitchen4.4⭐ (172 reviews)Starts from HK$158/day
(HK$790 to HK$1,575 for 5 days)
3Eatology4.5⭐ (89 reviews)Starts from HK$323/day
4Kale4.4⭐(142 reviews)HK$90 – HK$150/meal
5NOSH4.0⭐ (14 reviews)Starts from HK$145/day

#1. Fitasty

Source: Fitasty Facebook

Staying true to their slogan: A tasty way to stay fit, Fitasty is a leading source of healthy food that is as delicious as it is healthy. With its hassle-free design, you can get healthy meals delivered right to your doorstep, ready to be eaten after reheating (through soaking in hot water or using a microwave). Skip the meal prepping, cooking and cleaning–get straight to eating! Enjoy Fitasty’s menu of selections that get refreshed every week with their varying meal packages tailored for different goals. 

So…if you want to eat delicious food made with all-natural ingredients, then get started with Fitasty today! 

  • Details: Website & Order
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Contacts: Tel (+852 9457 5784) & Email
  • Delivery Fee: HK$50
  • Delivery Zone: Home or Office
    • Ma Wan and Tung Chung: Mon-Sat only
    • Discovery Bay: Mon, Wed, Fri only
    • No delivery to other outlying islands and remote areas
  • Price Range: HK$30 – HK$100/meal

#2. Nutrition Kitchen 

Source: Nutrition Kitchen Facebook

Beyond their usual menu, Nutrition Kitchen also offers vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian menus which refresh with new dishes each week! Understanding the usual concerns of such menus being the repetitiveness of specific items (like chicken breast), Nutrition Kitchen commits to keeping healthy food fun & fresh by serving a wide range of cuisines–from Western dishes to Indian specialities!

Also, Nutrition Kitchen ensures that its dishes are macro-balanced, transparently listing the respective nutritional information. With the ability to request changes according to your allergies, dietary restrictions or personal preferences, the Nutrition Kitchen experience will definitely be one suited to your every want and need!

  • Details: Website & Menu
  • Social Media: Facebook & Instagram
  • Contacts: Tel (+852 51921292) & Email
  • Delivery Fee/Zone: 
    • Discovery Bay: $40 per day
    • The Peak: $100 per day 
    • Outlying Islands (other than Discovery Bay) & Tsing Yi: No Delivery
  • Price Range: Starts from HK$158/day
    • (HK$790 to HK$1,575 for five days)

#3. Eatology 

Source: Eatology Facebook

Eatology provides meals that are professionally prepared by renowned chefs and planned by certified nutritionists and dieticians. From their 9 different meal plans (like Paleo and the F45 challenge) to their vegan or gluten-free selections, there is a choice for everyone! 

Beyond personal orders, Eatology also provides premium catering for corporate events, buffets and business meetings. Similar to their meal plans, you can rest assured that the dishes provided will strike a balance between delicious food and healthy living. If you are interested, be sure to make your first order with Eatology today!

  • Details: Website & Menu
  • Social Media: Facebook & Instagram
  • Contacts: Tel (+852 5117 6824) & Email
  • Delivery Fee/Zone: Free delivery for HK island & Kowloon
  • Price Range: Starts from HK$323/day

#4. Kale 

Source: Kale Facebook

Kale specialises in providing healthy food options for those with different diets–serving flexitarian, gluten-free and pescetarian options and so much more! With their affordable prices, you can get started with a healthy and sustainable diet that benefits both you and the planet today!

  • Details: Website
  • Social Media: Facebook & Instagram
  • Contacts: Tel (+852 2511 1777) & Email 
  • Delivery Fee: 
    • Starts from HK$30
    • Min. Spend of HKD 150
  • Delivery Zone:  most HK Island districts
  • Price Range: HK$90 – HK$150/meal

#5. NOSH – Hong Kong 

Source: NOSH Hong Kong – Green Queen 

NOSH, like many others on the list, provides delicious maco-balanced meal plans that cater for different goals. 

However, what sets them apart is the use of the best ingredients, that maximise the customer’s experience! Plus, NOSH provides a premium catering service for large events of 30-500 participants. You can choose between the healthy speciality food choices or enjoy some treats found on the junk menu! You can have a better look at the many offerings on the NOSH website

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