July 11, 2023

Top 6 Food Delivery Services for Your Business in Hong Kong

With the boom in food service delivery worldwide, Hong Kong’s food scene has also seen a rapid increase in these services. More than ever, restaurants are now enjoying the unparalleled convenience and variety of partnering with food delivery platforms to extend their reach within the city. Read on to discover Hong Kong’s most popular services that deliver a top-notch brand food delivery experience in the market.

What are Hong Kong’s leading food delivery services?

The food delivery landscape in Hong Kong is robust and diverse, with a few strong contenders leading the pack. Giants like Foodpanda and Deliveroo have greatly expanded their presence over the years, providing an array of food options from numerous partnering restaurants. 

New entrants like KeeTa, a brand from mainland China’s delivery giant Meituan, are also seeking a slice of the pie. Delivery services offered by renowned restaurant groups, such as Black Sheep GO and Jia Everywhere, as well as meal plan service providers like Nutrition Kitchen, round out our list of the city’s top food delivery services.

Pick the best food delivery service in Hong Kong

Choosing the right food delivery service is no easy feat, especially when a number of quality options are available in Hong Kong. To help you navigate this competitive landscape, let’s delve into the most popular food delivery services as well as their unique strengths and specialties in the F&B industry.

1. Foodpanda

A subsidiary of Delivery Hero, Foodpanda made its entry in Singapore in 2012 and rapidly expanded its services across Asia, including Hong Kong, in 2014. This pioneer of food delivery platforms now collaborates with over 7,000 eateries in the city. Not only does it deliver the locals’ beloved food, but it also offers daily necessities from Pandamart, which can be delivered straight to your door in as fast as 20 minutes. The food delivery service prides itself on using technology and operational excellence to deliver customer favourites quickly and efficiently.

2. Deliveroo

Entering Hong Kong’s market one year after Foodpanda, Deliveroo quickly becomes an industry leader, now operating in 10 markets worldwide and working with thousands of restaurants, that serve millions of consumers. They provide fast and reliable delivery that consumers can track online, and this tech-forward approach has been a cornerstone of their rapid growth. In Hong Kong, they collaborate with over 8,000 partner restaurants, and their extensive search functions allow for personalised choices, including options for those with specific allergies. Moreover, Deliveroo Plus subscribers enjoy free delivery for orders over $100.

3. Black Sheep GO

lack Sheep Restaurants has developed its own delivery and pick-up app, bringing everything in-house from sourcing ingredients to delivering orders. Offering a premium experience, Black Sheep GO provides a wide selection of dishes from various cuisines. Whether you fancy Sri Lankan fare from Hotal Colombo, tacos from Tacqueria Super Macho, or indulgent cakes from Butter, there’s something for every palate.

4. Jia Everywhere

Jia Everywhere is a one-stop service platform that delivers a tantalising selection of a la carte dishes and catering menus from 13 restaurants under the JIA Group. With an impressive array of food and beverages available on one platform, you can enjoy Thai, Italian, and other cuisines without having to step out of your home or office.

5. Nutrition Kitchen

Launched in 2015, Nutrition Kitchen offers meal plans catering to regular, flexitarian, and vegetarian diets. They deliver breakfast, lunch, and dinner right to your doorstep every morning. The professionally prepared, nutritionally balanced meals can be reheated and ready in as little as 3 minutes. This is a convenient option for those who want healthy, calorie-controlled meals without the hassle of meal prep.

6. KeeTa

Last but not least is a food delivery service that has already created a buzz in mainland China and is now hoping to make waves in Hong Kong by grabbing a big portion of the market upon launching its IPO on the Hong Kong stock exchange — KeeTa. Although its service currently covers only the Mong Kok and Tai Kok Tsui districts in Kowloon, KeeTa aims to expand citywide by the end of the year. Standing out with its “Billion Dollar Deal” programme, it offers daily discounts on a range of food delivery options and an exclusive “On-Time Promise” service. For new users, the package includes free delivery vouchers and discount vouchers, making it an appealing option for food businesses and consumers alike.

Which food delivery service in Hong Kong will you choose?  

Selecting the best food delivery service for your business largely depends on your specific needs and goals. Consider your target market, the type of food you offer, and the delivery capabilities you already have in place. For instance, if you’re looking to reach a vast market, Foodpanda and Deliveroo, with their extensive customer bases, can be a great fit. 

As Hong Kong’s food service delivery scene continues to flourish, the opportunity to extend your business’s reach and boost revenue has never been greater. These food delivery services can help you deliver your culinary delights directly to your customers’ doorsteps. So, why wait? Take a step forward and embrace the possibilities these services can bring to your business. Ready to launch your own ghost kitchen in Hong Kong? Fill out the form below or reach out to us.

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