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The Answer to Changing Demands

The food delivery industry has been on the rise for years, and the global pandemic has only accelerated the shift to ordering food rather than dining in at restaurants. People want fresh, delicious cuisine available at home and in their workplaces, and this demand is set to continue on an upward trajectory in the foreseeable future. In fact, the food delivery sector in Hong Kong is projected to be worth HKD$28 Billion in 2023.


The benefits of Freshlane’s Central and Private Kitchens

Using Freshlane’s central and private kitchens gives restaurant businesses in Hong Kong all the tools they need to adapt and flourish in a time when people’s demands are constantly changing. Our smart kitchens are designed to amplify productivity, which in turn will help restaurants cope with an increase in delivery orders. So far, Freshlane’s central kitchens in Hong Kong have been a smash hit as many restaurants have seen sales and revenue skyrocket as a result of their reduced costs and ability to focus on making mouth-watering dishes that tantalise people’s taste buds.

Kitchen Specs

Your kitchen made to order

We provide central, private and smart kitchens designed for all kinds of chefs and any type of restaurant in Hong Kong. Each kitchen space is generously outfitted with all the basic essentials. Bring whatever equipment you have and love, and our experts will help you mix and match to create your dream kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will a Central Kitchen Help My Business Grow?

Regardless of whether you are starting a new company or want to expand your existing restaurant business, Freshlane’s central and private kitchens are cost-effective and a smart way to help your firm grow leaps and bounds in HK. If you are being slammed with delivery orders and can’t keep up, or if you feel there is plenty of profit to be made by focusing more on deliveries, then central kitchens are the answer to your problems.

Which Central Kitchen Location is Best?

Freshlane has a number of central and private kitchen locations in Hong Kong, all providing the opportunity for businesses to tap into a large customer base. Still got queries? Contact us to learn which location will be best for you depending on the type of cuisine you specialise in.

How Do I Know a Central Kitchen will be More Affordable?

Central kitchens are a much cheaper option since Freshlane handles all construction and renovations, while also providing basic equipment needed to open and operate a restaurant.

What Growth Opportunities Exist with a Central Kitchen?

Since we handle all the nitty gritty processes, including insurance, renovations and much more, you can concentrate on making delicious food that tugs at people’s heartstrings and leaves them wanting more. With our central and private kitchens located in smart, densely populated areas throughout Hong Kong, the sky's the limit when it comes to maximising sales and profits.

How do I Move Into a Central Kitchen?

You should first estimate how many brands will use the central kitchen space you want to rent. Based on this, you can choose a kitchen unit that is the ideal size and meets all of your company's needs.

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