The Rise of Dark Kitchens in Hong Kong

Dark kitchens, also known as industrial or virtual kitchens, are becoming increasingly popular in Hong Kong to cater to the growing demand for delivery orders. To learn more, contact Freshlane.

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Future of restaurant business

Dark kitchens are starting to grow in prominence despite having been around for a few years. However, they have experienced a boom as of late due to the changing times brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Essentially, a dark kitchen doesn’t have any dine-in customers and provides food to a restaurant that serves seated patrons. More commonly though, these kitchens will make dishes that will be whisked away by food delivery companies and placed into the hands of hungry customers.


The Benefits of a Dark Kitchen

An increasing number of people in Hong Kong are shifting towards ordering food deliveries, with this being especially prominent in 2020. A survey that was conducted revealed that 45 percent of the 1,847 respondents started increasing the number of orders they made through food delivery platforms due to the early closure of restaurants and general concerns about the virus. 

The number of users using food delivery services in Hong Kong is projected to reach 3.6 million by 2025. With the growth figures on the rise, many delivery companies are reaping the rewards and ascending to new heights. 

Kitchen Specs

Your kitchen made to order

We provide industrial kitchens for all kinds of chefs and any type of restaurant. Each virtual kitchen space is generously outfitted with all the basic essentials. Bring whatever equipment you have and love, and our experts will help you mix and match to create your dream kitchen.


How can dark kitchens save you money?

By owning and operating a dark kitchen in Hong Kong you will be able to be one step ahead of your F&B competitors.


No money spent on front of house responsibilities

As mentioned, front of house responsibilities is the burden of traditional restaurant models. Having waiters and bartenders is undoubtedly a premium experience, but that is not what the majority of people are looking for at the moment. With less and less people eating out and more ordering delivery, it is time to optimise your business with a dark kitchen.


Less money spent than running a costly dine-in location

Dark kitchens are designed to be optimised spaces that get the job done. There is no wasted money when you operate in a dark kitchen: orders are fulfilled, and customers get exactly what they want: no more and no less.


Easy scalability

One of the true tests of running a successful restaurant business is whether you can scale it. Over 80% of restaurants close down within the first 5 years, largely because of the extortionate operational costs required and, to many, unachievable upfront costs related to opening a new location. Dark kitchens offer a solution to this, taking renovations, optimisations and logistics out of the equation and allowing you to move in and get started faster and cheaper than ever.


Make the shift to delivery with Freshlane Kitchens

Want to modernise your restaurant business and have a kitchen space dedicated to deliveries? Get in touch with Freshlane Kitchens today and take your F&B business to the next level.


Use a virtual brand solution as your pathway to new heights


Virtual brand solutions offer the modern restaurant the chance to scale, develop and grow their business in a way that previously was not an option. Besides catering to only dine-in customers, virtual kitchen enables restaurants to focus on providing food delivery customers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are Dark Kitchens?

Dark kitchens are also known by their alter egos - virtual or industrial kitchens. Regardless of the name, all of them serve the exact same purpose, which is to prepare food primarily for takeaway or delivery. Dark kitchens are becoming increasingly prominent in Hong Kong as startup F&B entrepreneurs look for ways to expand their restaurant concepts on a budget. Established restaurants are also gravitating towards industrial and virtual kitchens as they are constantly looking for innovative ways to expand into new markets and increase profits.

How does a Dark Kitchen Function?

Dark kitchens help to fulfil the growing demand for food delivery orders from popular platforms like Foodpanda, Deliveroo, and Uber Eats. While they usually don’t have dine-in areas, some virtual kitchens provide this service. Essentially, the kitchen space is utilised to boost efficiency and reduce costs, which translates into smoother processes and increased revenue.

What’s the Process to get a Dark Kitchen?

A majority of dark kitchens in Hong Kong have providers, such as Freshlane. These providers take care of all the tedious processes, such as renovations and insurance. As a result, you can set up shop and get cooking in weeks rather than months!

How Much do Dark Kitchens Cost?

The cost of our Hong Kong dark kitchens vary depending on the size, location, and amount of equipment you will require. For more information, please contact us.

Where Are The Industrial Kitchens Located?

Freshlane’s industrial kitchens are strategically located in four major districts in Hong Kong - Wan Chai, Sai Ying Pun, North Point and Tsuen Wan. These locations are densely populated areas with plenty of businesses and residential neighbourhoods, resulting in a constant wave of online orders every week.

What Is The Average Size of a Virtual Kitchen?

Freshlane’s virtual kitchens are approximately 160 sq ft on average, which is significantly smaller than regular restaurants, generally 2,500 sq ft in size. Since eateries operating out of dark kitchens pay less in rent, they can allocate the money saved to ensure their food is of the highest quality.

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